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Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae Extract

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  • 产品规格: 4:1; 8:1; 10:1
  • 植物拉丁名: Citrus Reticulata Blanco
  • 检验方法: TLC
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Tangerine peel extract contains folate,  vitamin C and beta-carotene. It is a citrus fruit that is well known for being sweet and easy to peel. The name tangerine comes from  Morocco, the port from which the first tangerines were shipped to Europe. Tangerine In Asian, Tangerine peel powder has traditionally been used to promote Medicine、Health & Daily Chemicals and Food & Animal feed.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the dried peel of the fruit is used, often aged (sometimes until it turns black in color) and sometimes even toasted in a wok. Chen Pimeans aged peel. A decoction is then made from the peel in combination with other herbs. Both the outermost peel (exocarp) and the inner peel (pericarp) are used fordifferent specific medicinal purposes. C. reticulatais also used to make poultices -a paste of finely powdered herbs that is applied externally to help heal internal injuries. Tangerine peel is alsoavailable in pill form.
1.Antioxidant activity;
2.Protective effects against sepsis;
3.Anti-inflammatory effects;
4.A potential sedative;
5.Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure in rats.

1. Medicine;
2. Health & Daily Chemicals;
3. Food & Animal feed.
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